Kung Tak Lam


Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 1
Unit 7/A Kowloon
Hong Kong


Téléphone: +852 2312 7800

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Beautiful but Imperfect Buddhist Cuisine

Kung Tak Lam (Cantonese: 功德林) is possibly the best-located vegetarian restaurant in the world. With grand views of the Hong Kong Harbour, surrounded by sky tickling towers, it has a prominent advantage over any run-of-the-mill Buddhist restaurant. And for that reason, your hotel concierge will most likely recommend Kung Tak Lam when you ask about a vegetarian restaurant.

If you’re a neophyte to the Chinese Buddhist cuisine, you’re in for a treat. Any dish you can imagine from the Chinese, and particularly Cantonese cuisine, is available here in a mostly animal-free version.

But, if like this reviewer, you’ve tasted Buddhist cuisine far and wide, you’ll notice that the grand view has perhaps relaxed the kitchen hands, leading to wide variance in the quality of dishes.

Of further concern is the heavy reliance on mock meat, fish and shellfish, to a point where a truly healthy, unprocessed dishes are hard to come by. Overall: a good introduction to Buddhist cuisine, for yourself or someone close to you.

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